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Carpet Cleaning

How It Works.


Pre-inspection and planning.

Good results require a solid plan and time line. The same treatment plan doesn't work best in every home.


Pre Vacuuming.

For some carpet a pre vacuuming is extremely beneficial.


Pre Conditioning

A powerful citrus based pretreatment is applied to the carpet to begin the process.



Like a washing machine, good agitation is important to loosen dirt and work the pre treatment into the carpet fibers.


Hot Water Extraction

Extremely hot water removes the dirt and debris from the carpet and sanitizes it. The rinse solution leaves the carpet in a pH balanced state.



An advanced protector is applied topically to the carpet pile to repels spills, resist soiling, and block stains.

Carpet Cleaning is a Science

Carpet cleaners of the past (and many still today) would find the most powerful soap or cleaner they could find for cheap. They would then apply it and remove it in 1 single stage using a regular carpet wand. This produces an appearance of good results most of the time, at least at first. The pH balance of the carpet is left in an non-neutral state, which attracts dirt and soils the carpet quickly.

Neutralization Required

A multi-stage process is necessary to leave your carpet in a neutral pH state. Thats why at Carpet Angel we first use a high powered preconditioner to help lift stains and soil. Next, we agitate to physically work in the preconditioner and break apart soils. We follow with a hot water extraction process to sanitize fibers and remove suspended soils and debris from the carpet while neutralizing the pH level of carpet. This neutral state is key to longer lasting clean carpet!

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