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Many factors go into our high quality service. The short answer is care, training, practice, and high quality tools. The long answer is that our technicians take a great deal of pride in what they do, are trained rigorously by seasoned professionals, get a lot of practice from cleaning Carpet in many different situations each day, and use the best tools and equipment in the industry.
Our Carpet cleaning services are surprisingly affordable. We charge only what we have to in order to provide high quality service at a professional level. We also provide many ways to save such as our maintenance programs and promotions. To find out what we charge for your home give us a call at 888-77-CLEAR and we can provide you an estimate with just a few minutes. You can also visit our estimate request form and we will call you an estimate, its that easy!
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We provide on-site estimates for most homes over 5000 sq. We can schedule an appointment for a trained estimator to visit your home when is convenient for you to provide you with a quick and firm estimate!
All we need is a few minutes of your time to provide an onsite estimate and consultation at no charge to help you set up a service program that's right for your needs. We can provide several options and plans to pick from after visually inspecting your carpet and discussing your specific needs.
Yes, in fact you can save up to 35% by doing so. Maintenance programs for residential customers range from tri-yearly to monthly and are very simple to set up..
We always wear shoe covers inside your home to protect your carpet and your sensitive flooring. In addition we use mats beneath our buckets and pads and covers for our ladders to protect your walls.
There is nothing that you have to do in order to have a successful carpet cleaning service, however, there are some optional things you can do to have the most timely and high quality service possible. You can have any items on carpet, move to another location (especially anything fragile you would want to handle yourself). You can have any plants or trees trimmed properly away from your carpet and walls.

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